Put your skills to use by teaching your peers

Flexible Schedule and Hours
At TutorTree, you have complete flexibility to set your schedule. You're your own boss. You set your rate, hours, and when you want to work.
Tutoring gives you the opportunity to reinforce and strengthen your knowledge. Gain experience employers value like communication, leadership, and accountability.
Better Outcomes
Be a part of an influential group of individuals on your campus who generate higher learning outcomes, increased confidence, and improved graduation rates.
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How it works

Create your profile
Here's where you tell students about yourself. Add a photo, write a bio, and let students know who you are. We'll help you stand out!
Update your preferences
You are in control of when to tutor, how much you charge, and where to meet on campus.
Confirm sessions
Students request and pay for sessions. Once you confirm, you'll both be connected to work out the details.
Connect and teach
Message the student right through the app and meet on campus.
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Connect with students on campus to help them succeed

Print Materials
Every tutor has access to custom posters, flyers, and business cards free of charge. We also have a full design team available for tutors to request further personalization - and we love hearing new ideas too!
Our advertising team works hard to promote tutors on campus. From digital displays to activity packed tabling events, we're here to help you help students.
Social Media
We love featuring tutors on social media! Reach out to us on instagram to request a feature #JoinTheTree
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Custom Print Materials

Every tutor receives a care package of marketing materials including:
Business Cards

Social Media

Earn on your schedule

Earn More
At TutorTree, you have the freedom to set your own rate, availability, and max hours.
Withdraw anytime
Withdraw your balance at any time and get paid within 24 hours or less.
Get paid upfront
Once a session is confirmed, the money is added to your account. Gone are the days of waiting for students to pay weeks after the session.

Opportunity is everywhere

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