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EUGENE, Ore., Aug. 21, 2018 – Tutortree, the startup mobile application that allows University of Oregon students to instantly connect and pay for a verified private tutor with a smartphone, will officially launch on Sept. 24, 2018. Tutortree was first released for Beta testing in April 2018, and after updating the app per user feedback, the full version will launch for the 2018 – 2019 academic school year.

Tutortree pairs students and tutors in the most efficient way possible by enabling students to find, schedule and pay for a prescreened private tutor all on one platform. Previously just available at walk-in tutoring centers in various on-campus libraries, tutoring at the University of Oregon can now be scheduled immediately through a smartphone with Tutortree.

Instead of catering towards a general academic topic, Tutortree tutors base their tutoring around specific UO courses. The app gives peer tutors the convenience of being paid upfront, offers tools for payment tracking and eliminates never-ending scheduling conversations.

“I’ve been one of the head walk-in tutors at the Mathematics Library on campus for the past year and there’s typically about a half-hour wait time just for students to get one question answered,” says Adrian Martushev, co-founder of Tutortree. “By turning paper tutoring lists into a digital interface, Tutortree brings struggling students a private tutor with the touch of a few buttons. We are very proud to introduce the first online tutoring platform to the University of Oregon campus.”

For both students and tutors, Tutortree implements the ultimate convenience and prioritizes academic improvement. The application hopes to become the go-to tutoring platform for the University of Oregon. To access high-res images and media materials, please visit


Tutortree was founded in 2018 by University of Oregon students Eli Ackerman and Adrian Martushev. Tutortree is a mobile application based at the University of Oregon that creates an easily accessible platform for college students to find prescreened peer tutors on campus. For more information, please visit