DuckAid Scholarship

Tutortree’s DuckAid Scholarship brings private tutoring to those who can’t afford it.


Once the fund reaches $300, Tutortree will begin accepting applications for one lucky duck to benefit from receiving 15 free tutoring sessions.


While the primary goal of DuckAid is to give back to a certain student in need, we see this as an opportunity to benefit the community as a whole. DuckAid sponsored sessions give work to our student tutors, increase our University of Oregon’s graduation rate, as well as engage community members with Tutortree, that don’t directly need our services.


Our criteria for choosing a candidate are as follows:

  • Paying for school through loans, financial aid, or part time work, receiving no additional help.
  • Taking a course that puts a student at risk of not graduating because it is either:
  • Highly failed
  • Gateway course into a major
  • Will prevent four-year graduation rate, meaning a loss of additional funding or loans


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